Valentin & Zofija

Vladimir & Zmaga

Radovan & Anita

Patrick & Pavlina

We are a small family that follows its dreams and lives and creates in harmony with nature. The joy and love of work that we have are the key components to create such good wines.


We are located in the village of Biljana, which used to be the capital of Brda. Our estate is located at the highest point of the village, at an altitude of 165.4 m above sea level. The view from our hill stretches from the Julian Alps all the way to the sea


We are very lucky to live in such a beautiful region as Brda. Our region offers us very good climatic conditions for the cultivation of top-quality grapes and, of course, top-quality wine. This means that we have the warmth that comes from the sea and the fresh breath from the wonderful Alps. A mixture of both, warm days and cool nights, suits our vine types very well. In addition to the pleasant climate, Brda has another factor that helps to grow good grapes, and that is the marl soil of the brick. Modest soil, but enriched with minerals.

We cultivate several vineyards spread over 11 hectares in our village. The location of the vineyards of each variety has been carefully selected based on the conditions required by the variety. Since Brda is a hilly landscape, our vineyards are also terraced on the slopes of the hills. The vineyards for sparkling wine are located in the lowlands.


We cultivate the vineyards mostly by hand, especially during the harvest, when the grapes are picked by hand. There is no machine to replace the human hand. This is the key factor for achieving wine quality, as each grape must be individually inspected before it is processed

The beginnings of our winemaking do not go back long. It all started in 1952, when grand-grandmother Zofija and grand-grandfather Valentin moved to the village of Biljana and started cultivating 1 hectare of land. This was later continued and upgraded by grandfather Vladimir and grandmother Zmaga. In 1985, however, my father Radovan took over the farm and together with his wife Anita, they began to expand the property by building a new cellar and new vineyards. In 2017, I took over the estate myself and decided to take our winemaking to a new level. We have changed the technique of cultivating the vineyards, so that the vines are less stressed and in this way we produce very high quality grapes.


In 2018, we launched our first line of bottles on the market. A completely new wine and a new design on the bottles and a renewed logo of the winery, which brought a very positive response from the market. In addition, we also received awards such as a gold medal from the USA for our classic Rebula and the red type Sophia. Since then, our collection has accumulated quite a few gold, silver and bronze awards from the USA, Great Britain and Slovenia. All these awards only prove that we are on the right track and we are very proud of it.